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The center is effectively working for more than a decade with huge number of satisfied patients. We hold are values high and a clear vision to be the best choice mental health center and to create the ideal mental healthcare environment.

Welcome To Kant Brain Centre

Establishes in year 2005, Kant brain Centre was initiated by DR. Malaya Kant Singh, with a vison of providing a better mental health facility to the people in need. The Centre is being managed by a group of qualified professionals. Over the last decade the number of cases seen at this Centre has grown up more than hundred times.  Today the center is growing stronger every day with a family of more thousands of patients all over the country. Presently, we address primarily psychiatric illnesses in both adult and child and adolescent population. Our scientific, psychological and multi focused process and approaches, along with intense monitoring of a patient under the guidance of best multidisciplinary mental health professionals, like Psychiatrist, Clinical psychologist and child psychologist makes us one among the top mental health care service provider in Lucknow. The Patients of whom mainly a major chunk is coming from the large rural and tribal belts of this district while the rest comes from the urban areas of Sitapur, Lakhimpur, Hardoi,  Unnao, Raebareli, Sultanpur, Pratapgarh, Ambedkar Nagar, Faizabad, Basti, Gorakhpur, Azamgarh, Jaunpur, Ballia, Varanasi & neighboring states of Bihar, M.P. We combine different clinically proven techniques BFB, CBT, Yoga, Meditation, Therapies and Medication along with standardized psychological/neuropsychological tests and assessment to provide our mental health care services well versed. Kant Brain Center Serves adult, child and adolescent patients experiencing behavioral problems and those having difficulty facing basic living needs due to combination of mental illness, substance and alcohol abuse, cognition/intelligence related problems. The unique approach of the professionals and team members make the center more LGBT friendly. Focused and time-effective therapies & counselling Special Clinic for Memory, OCD, Psycho-sexual issues, addiction and other psychiatric and psychological concerns.

The center is effectively working for more than a decade with huge number of satisfied patients. We hold are values high and a clear vision to be the best choice mental health center and to create the ideal mental healthcare environment.

Our Salient Features

Special Services for Child and Adolescent

Samarth is a multidisciplinary centre which provides various child and adolescent rehabilitation services under one roof .We have a group of highly skilled prevention intervention and training services of individuals families and institutions .
Samarth enhance and address the abilities of different abled children we believe that every child has an inherent potential that need. thoughtful facilitation according to their strengths to enhance their blooming. At Samarth range of services is provided. To children with Autism spectrum Disorder, Cerebral palsy , Dyslexia, Down syndrome , hearing impairment, Developmental delay.
Samarth is passionate is it’s belief that no child with special needs should be deprived of the opportunity to excel and no parents needs to watch on helplessly.

OCD Clinic

OCD is of the most prevalence psychiatric disorder in the current scenario. Sometime if the core symptoms of OCD is not present it become hard to diagnose or underline it. As the team at Kant brain center, works with each aspect of the case history taking, we have been successful in helping a lot more patients with OCD. We deal with OCD and related disorders that include OCD, body dysmorphic disorder, trichotillomania, mythomania, etc. we provide pharmacological and psychological treatments for a better prognosis. At center we also organized group therapy for the clients who are maintain well with the treatment.

Some of the psychological therapies that we use are: exposure therapy, CBT, REBT, Behavior therapy, Family therapy, social skill training.

Geriatric Mental Health Services

At Kant Brain Centre we provides evaluation and treatment of psychiatrically ill patients typically over 60 years of age. We provide holistic, comprehensive care to help patients deal with behavioral issues that occur during the aging process.

Aging brings on many challenges. Decreased physical and mental capabilities, the loss of loved ones and reduced independence can mean significant changes in the lives of seniors. Sometimes, specialized care is needed – and that’s where we can help.
As our loved ones get older, we may notice a sudden or a more prolonged change in their behavior or mood. This may indicate the presence of a mental illness. Some symptoms include:

  • Disorientation
  • Depression
  • dementia / alzheimer’s
  • Hallucination
  • Increased social withdrawal
  • Suicidal thoughts or behaviors
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Extreme fluctuation in weight
  • Loss of interest in appearance
  • Agitation
  • Poor concentration
  • Prolonged grieving

LGBTQIA Friendly

Kant Brain Centre focuses on the quote “your mental health is the priority” and stand against the discrimination of any individual based on their gender and sexuality.
At the center, we provide various services for the LGBTQIA community. These services include pharmacological treatments, psychological assessments, psychotherapy and counselling (including Gender affirmative therapy). Also, KBC contributes in providing certification of Gender Dysphoria required for hormonal therapy and sexual re-assignment surgery. The team of psychologists are also helping many of them with their social role transitions.
We as a team, try our best to create and provide and safe and secure environment to our clients, for which we always be considerate about the confidentiality of the individual.

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